19 Cats Whose Purr-fect Pillow Is A Dog

Cats and dogs have notorious reputations for being opposites that do NOT attract... at all. While sometimes the personalities and energy dispositions are so vastly different between the two animals that getting along definitely doesn't happen, the truth is that a lot of times cats and dogs that live together are the best of friends, like two peas in a pod.

The bond that the two animals will create is enthusiastically heart-warming and there are few things as precious as seeing a cat and dog cuddle together. Of course, the only thing that might be just a pinch more precious is when the cat involved uses the dog as a pillow or bed! Now that is just extraordinarily adorable.

If you don't believe me, take a look for yourself: the cats and dogs you'll see here are just too cute for words. You definitely need to see them if you want to believe them.

1. Furry Friends

Dogs don't mind being kitty pillows because the purring is very soothing. We assume, anyway.

2. Bloop!

This tiny bloop of orange fluff napping in a sea of white fluff is absolutely precious!

3. Amused?

Well, the dog looks unsure but the kitten is cute so we call this a win!

4. Kittens galore!

This lucky pup has two kittens to snuggle and keep him company!

5. If I fits, I sits.

Kitty fits on the dog, that's all that matters!

6. It's just doggone cute

Big scary dog plus 2 precious kittens... nothing sweeter if you ask us!

7. Happiness is a good nap

These two prove it.

8. Maximum comfort achieved

You can almost hear the kitten purring just looking at this photo.

9. One big dog, two little kittens.

We're not sure who looks happier here, the sleeping dog, or the resting kitties!

10. Never Ending Fluff

We can hardly tell where the dog's fluff ends and the cat's fluff begins but all this fluff is warming our hearts!

11. Cuddle Buddies

Now if this isn't the sweetest thing you've seen all week...

12. Size is not an issue.

Small dog? Not a problem for kitty. Cuddle up!

13. Don't mind me!

Nothing to see here, just a cat using a dog as a pillow.

14. Two is better than one.

This kitty gets to nap on TWO dogs. That's double the comfort.

15. Fluffy Love

Now this looks like maximum comfort has been achieved.

16. Two babies are better than one!

A puppy and a kitten cuddling... this raises the bar on cuteness.

17. Big dog, little kitty...

Cutest thing ever? Cutest thing ever.

18. Extra fluff!

This big dog's big bed is extra fluffy thanks to two purr-fect and fluffy jellybeans!

19. Naps are love

Naps are life.

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