Purrassic Park: Photos of Cats In Place of Dinosaurs Are The Greatest On The Internet

These photos are meow-zing in the most purr-fect ways imaginable. 

No, those cat-tastic puns are not out of my system (hopefully they never will be,) but when you see these photos you are totally going to get why. Some genius on the Internet knew that a whole bunch of us loved cats and how the rest of us loved the Jurassic Park movies and anyone left out probably loves Chris Pratt so this is like the trifecta of Internet awesomeness. 

In case you don't fall into one of those categories I'll break it down super quick:Cats are the fluffy jelly beans of doom and love that complete us.Jurassic Park is a movie in a series of movies where humans use science and DNA to bring prehistoric dinosaurs into the modern era for theme park-like enjoyment (and it always backfires horribly.) Oh, and Chris Pratt? He's just a hunky dude-actor we all love. 

Purr-pare, or prepare, sorry, for the glorious-ness that awaits you combining all three. 

1. "Oh snap."

Better run away, cats are masters of the hunt.

2. "She's beautiful."

I just want us all to appreciate that this photo didn't include the scene with the giant poop.

3. On the prowl.

We all know that cat's butt was wiggling as it prepared to pounce on Chris.

4. The mightyt Tyranosaurus Purr

"Hey, over here! I don't have yarn but this is kind of like a laser."

5. Don't move!

The fluffy meow-meows will pounce much quicker if you wiggle around and taunt them.

6. A kitten and his ball.

Okay, this would actually be much scarier than an enormous dinosaur because a kitten chasing a toy? That toy is going places. Far, far away places.

7. Purr baby, purr!

While Chris Pratt balances off velociraptors, what could be better than a kitten licking him? Literally nothing.

8. "Hello little guy, welcome to the world."

If kittens hatched from eggs the world would never stop watching.

9. Wiggle-Wiggle.

Observing the prey before the mighty pounce!

10. What a beautiful purr.

I, too, could listen to this with a cheeky smile on my face all day.

11. Just hangin' with the crew.

This is the best thing ever and you know it.

12. Run away! Run away!

The herd is coming!

13. Epic.

We all love a man who knows how to handle his kittens.

14. "Oh boy."

This is why you never go back to the Island.

15. When you're just a little crazy...

You entice the ktity.

16. A man and his cat.

You cannot love one and not love the other.

Everyone is obsessed with Bone Bone, this gloriously huge and fluffy cat from Thailand.

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