Move Over I Rate Dogs, It's Finally Time To Rate Cats

The premise is simple. Twitter account The Cat Reviewer turns to you, the cat loving people of the world, to do something incredible: review cats. Their bio states it simple and short: "Welcome to The Cat Reviewer. Fussed a cat on the street that isn't yours? Please send in a review!"

Does it sound too good to be true? It's not. It's purrfect. You see a cat? You like the cat? Take a picture and send in a review. To get you started and comfortable with the iconic concept, here are some of the best cat reviews so far. (Hint: they're amazing, full disclosure.)

1. I hope her kittens are okay.

2. Honest Catto

3. I, too, would risk health for the happiness of belly rubs

4. I love him.

5. Raccoon? Cat? Yes.

6. Soggy Delight

7. How rude.

8. Floof levels: majestic

9. I bet those purrs are ameowzing.

10. The Campsite Inspector with Floofy Ears

11. Beautiful Blossom

12. High key jealous ASF

13. So chill.

14. I'd like to see her again.

15. Trouble, I wish it was double.

16. Very helpful

17. What a face!

18. It's her right.

19. Impawsible not to gush over

20. Boss-Eyed, I love it.

21. Who doesn't love hairy trousers?

22. Strokes > Food

23. Doing a mighty hide n seek

24. Twice the Nice: Catception

25. Lovely markings, cozy cuddles

26. He is doing his best.

27. The Pub Goer

28. R I S K Y frisky

29. A lovely lady

30. Kinda rude, still worthy.

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