Purr-fectly Funny Cats To Make Your Day Better

According to KnowYourMeme, "Pictures of cats have been shared online as early as since the days of Usenet through newsgroups like rec.pets.cats, which offered a variety of answers to general questions people have about raising cats." That was back in 1992 and what has happened since then? Cats have gained exponential popularity on the Internet, with nearly countless photos shared online via a wide variety of social media websites every single day.

Trust me, that's not a complaint. We love cats, we love classic cat memes, new cat memes, funny cats, fat cats, and furry cats. We even love hairless cats. If there's a picture on the Internet, anywhere, of at least one cat, we are all about it. We're totally here for it. We assume that's why you're here, too. You must love cats and cat related humor!

1. A magic trick.

Simultaneously annoying and amusing!

2. Be careful when you nip and drive.

The coppers will get ya.

3. A glorious sight to behold.

Now this is a warlord we can get behind.

4. Two of a kind, except not.

Both purr-fect in their own way.

5. I wish I was born in every month so all of these cats could be me.

I relate to each one uniquely.

6. How did you celebrate Spring on the 20th?

Our cats were totally stoked.

7. "Do you want to die?"

"Because this is how we get in a wreck and die."

8. Cat loaf.

Best loaf.

9. Cats don't care about your social norms.

The outside water is bird flavored.

10. Suddenly, I see!

It's disturbing and humorous how purr-fectly this lines up.

11. This cat's beauty multiplied significantly.

She just got fluffier and more precious!

12. Cats > Kids

My cat is a good noodle, unlike your heathen, poo-flingers.

13. Cats are a delight.

A gift that keeps giving.

14. A cat's motto:

"If I fits, I sits."

15. Traffic Cat

Serious business.

16. As far as I'm concerned...

He IS a superhero. A real-life superhero.

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