Cats In Halloween Costumes That Are Purrfectly Terrifying

This year I'm more astounded than ever by a cat's willingness to wear Halloween costumes. Do you think they know that millions of humans are using the Internet to share these photos and delight in them? They do seem to enjoy being worshipped, don't they? Either way, I'm stoked to see so many pawsitively delightful photos of cats in costumes. Whether they glare at the camera or seem to delight in the moment, it's making this Halloween season at least a million times better.

Small cats, big cats, kittens, it doesn't matter. If they're dressed up for the spooky season then we are excited to feature them and share the joy!

Spider Cat


Hammerhead Shark



Ironic or not? You decide.

Donald Trump

Nailed it.



Ram Cat


Wonder Woman

Here to fight crime as long as it's not cat nap time.

Punk Rock Puss


Danger Sushi

I don't know what's up with the creepy babydoll in the background.

Breaking Bad

What a naughty cat.

A Trio of Cats

If you can dress more than one cat up in a costume, that's impressive.

Pirate Catto

Yo ho ho

Purrincess Leia

The force is strong with this one.

Marigold the Goldfish

She's becoming what she eats.

His name is Minion.

I love this.

"Every Halloween, My Cats Suffer At The Hands Of My Mother's Amusement"

The glowing bride.

Joker and the Batman

They look so pissed off.

Spooky Skeleton

Black Cat? No problem. Easy peasy costume.

Harry Purrter

He's meowgical.


Happy Halloween, indeed.


Delicious, homemade costumes.

This cat's name is Jingle Bell but she doesn't seem very jolly about her Halloween costume.

I'd actually say she is plotting revenge.

Super Cat

Mighty as heck.


Channelling this cat's inner demons.

Fancy Feline

Sometimes all you need is a fancy hat.

Bacon Bits


"Let The Feast Of A Thousand Hams Begin! - My Cat Stewie Dressed Up As Nibbler From Last Halloween"



The pan and everything.

Mario or Meowio

You decide

"Pretty Peacock Cat Costume I Made For Sophie"

This is pretty fabulous.

Nyan Cat

Could we love this anymore? I think not.


Gobble time is right around the corner!


Cats and sharks are closely related, purrsonality wise at least.

"Ashley “Ash” Williams From Evil Dead"

Brilliant, actually.

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