These People Have Very Important Questions To Ask Their Feline Friends And We All Want To Know The Answers

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if animals could talk and we could understand what they were saying? It would have been chaos, all the chattering among animals would drive us nuts, but just imagine the possibilities! 

You would know exactly what your pet wants every time, and then you can truly say "My dog is my child" without feeling like a weird person.

If only that could happen! But now we are stuck in a world where animals don't talk, well not to us humans anyway, and it has presented us with so many questions that we can't get the answers to, especially for cats.

 Like why do they always have to climb on stuff? or Why are they scared of cucumbers? Let's see what questions people have more about the mysterious cats.

1. Like can you please go and brush your teeth already!

2. We don't know!

3. All I know is that cats love lying on the weirdest stuff.

4. Because they are undercover assassins.

5. They don't like the floor, it's for peasants and they are your highness.

6. Sneezing is a crime you should be punished for by being pawed.

7. I know! Because it looks like a snake.

8. They love teasing humans.

9. Because they get cold?

10. They are security guards for the poop

11. Apparently they have to much energy they need to get rid of.

12. Yeah, I don't have an answer for this one.

13. They are jealous of the book.

14. Because screw school!

15. Nope! They say it tastes different, because it comes in new, smart packaging.

16. You clearly have not cross paths with a evil fur thing.

17. It sparkles, duh!

18. You are supposed to know this, this can be googled.

19. They know it's hard to clean up.

20. Then don't buy a cat, because they all sound like that!

21. They are showing you love, you idiot.

22. We have all been asking this question since the beginning of cats.

23. Because, wiggle wiggle?

24. I assume they want to pay fight.

25. They purr when they enjoy something, just like us that make noises!

26. Why do we look like loaves of bread when we get fat? Same question.

27. They are eager to start their day.

28. Why do humans rub against one another? For attention!

29. They just are.

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