Guy Goes To His Room To Find A Sweater And Instead Finds A Litter Of Newborn Kittens

Cats are mysterious creatures. They're very picky about who the like and want to be around, that's why people seem to think that rather than you choosing your cat, the cat chooses you (Harry Potter reference not intended). For one London-based Filmmaker named Paris Zarcilla he was chosen without even know he wanted a cat, and that's not even the half of it. 

When going to fetch a sweater out of him room Zarcilla came across the sweet little cat, a little black and white girl who seemed very comfortable in his home. So comfortable in fact, that she chose to birth her kittens there! And so Zarcillas story begins... Cue the cutest Twitter thread you'll ever see!

And so the story begins...

And it soon became apparent to him what he had to do.

You sir, are a dad now.

It's okay to cry, your children have been born!


How could you not love these sweet little faces!

He kept us up to date with all of the important information

Does he get parental leave? Because he'll need it with 4 kids

Honestly he's jumping into the role of dad very well!

I will call this one Sir Snugglepants

And then came the feels...

Thank the cat gods! These babies are just what he needed!

1. No. 2. No.

The kittens are totally adorable. To say the least.

Love, CatDad

And so a happy family has been born!

A day full of adorable kittens? Definitely the best day ever.

All praise the cat gods!

Though we can't expect timely updates when you have 4 newborns to help look after

Much love CatDad. And good luck.

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