Good News For Those Of Us Who Have Long Wanted To Look Like Our Cats Because Now We Can

You know how they say people look like their pets? Well now you actually can. Cat people love to talk about how cute and adorable their cats are (rightfully so, cats are adorable). But have you ever thought your cat was so cute you wanted to look like them? I, personally, cannot relate, however; this product just goes to show that there truly is a market for everything.

If people didn't already think that crazy cat people have gone too far, they certainly will after reading this. Even I, a proud crazy cat person, and lover of all feline merchandise, am a little unsettled by this company's latest offering.

You can now purchase a hyper-realistic mask of your cat's head!

Just look how much the cat loves it!

The masks are meticulously made by Shindo Rinka and Workshop 91 in Tokyo.

To order, you must send pictures of your cat and they will build a mold based off of them.

This isn't the first time the company has collaborated...

They have made alarmingly realistic orangutan masks.

As you can imagine; ensuring the mask is accurate is a lengthy process.

The masks are incredibly accurate!

Read the English description on their website here (including how to order!).

Here is a video of a guy wearing a cat mask talking about cats.

It also features a lot of quality cat and kitten footage (if you can get past the giant talking cat at the beginning!

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