This Guy Recreated His Twin Sister's Instagram Photos With His Cat And It's The Best Thing On The Internet

When you grow up with siblings you learn how to share, how to fight and most importantly how to always be there for each other no matter what. As life goes on and you get older you naturally become closer with your sibling.

So, when they get married and start their own family they might not have enough time for you anymore and it's hard especially if you are as close as twins. This happened to Gordy Yates when his twin sister Meredith got married, but they still stayed very close.

They have been sharing their birthday for 28 years now and Meredith always ends up giving the better gift, probably because she's a woman and we just always know what to buy. But Gordy decided this year that he wanted to be the one to give the best gift.

So, after searching he came about the great idea to recreate her Instagram posts and include his cute kitty just for the fun of it, and it came out amazing! You absolutely have to see it so scroll down and have a look. 

Rockabye baby


They both love their babies so much

You will see not all of the pictures features Gordy's kitty, but the pictures are actually just about remembering his sister that he loves very much! He does live in Taiwan now so there is quite a distance between them, but Meredith and her husband plan to visit him soon. 

Doing weird poses together

Acting cool together

He's not so good at Yoga as she is

Love those pants!

Because family is life even if they are animals

Cuteness overload!

Happiness is always a must

Well, atleast his trying, right?

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