Cat Memes From Reddit That'll Add Many Years To Your Lifespan

Oh, cats. Magnificent furry felines who have stolen all our hearts. While they’re extremely graceful and elegant in their stride, they often turn out to be one of the strangest species on Earth based on behavior. Their most common and well known acts include knocking a variety of objects off of tables, slinking away from a petting hand by streeeetching their bodies, and sneezing loudly at random intervals.

Despite their ability to cause us some trouble sometimes, cats hold a special place in our heart and they are fully aware of it. You just can't get too mad at them, you know? Besides, their silly antics are perfect to create memes out of.

(All memes provided by the glorious subreddit r/catmemes. )

"Your cat's quality's been lowered to 240p."

The size of that cat is slightly... concerning.

You know, sometimes you just have to appreciate things despite not understanding them.

:3 to the 100th power from r/Catmemes

Get a cat vacuum for yourself today:

V O O M from r/Catmemes

And then they refuse to have regular cat food.

Hungry cat. from r/Catmemes

This face alone doesn't let me sleep at night.

Squeeze from r/Catmemes


Kat from r/Catmemes

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