Hilarious Reddit Cat Posts That Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile

I could gush about cats for literal hours, but I think we all appreciate them enough to know that cat love is an unspoken rule. They're soft, they're sassy, and they're just... really weird.

What's not to love about them? Even though they're considered elegant creatures who walk with poise and class, at their very core, cats are silly and lovable companions.

Subreddit r/cats provides a platform for everyone's hilarious cat encounters to be seen, so I've compiled twelve of my favorite cat posts on Reddit. If you happen to own a cat, please give them a pat on my behalf.

This has reached whole new levels of adorable.

so cute from r/cats

Something about this roof seems... off.

Surveillance team! I am watching you! from r/cats

PLEASE unmute this.

Cracker Cromch from r/cats

This one's embracing its inner bat.

my very ugly boy, phoenix from r/cats

That's the look of immediate regret..

My kitten is braver than I thought from r/cats

One chompy man:

Zulu loves to chomp. from r/cats

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