The Way We Sleep Says More Than You Might Think About How Close Your Relationship Is With Your Cat or Dog

New information suggests that how you and your pets sleep at night may directly have a lot to say about the state of your relationship. Most pet owners treat their furry friends like they are members of the family and not just an object to own. Your snuggle session (or lack thereof) has a hidden message about the bond you and your pet have.

It may surprise you to browse through this information but when you find yourself on the list you'll be shocked how much it makes sense. You won't want to miss a single one!

1. Sprawled Out

Does your furry companion sprawl out on the bed, leaving very little room for you? That "I own the bed, you rent the space" attitude strongly suggests the balance of power is in the favor of your pet. They literally think they own the bed!

2. Cuddlers!

Cuddling is a strong indication that your human-pet bond is both loving and affectionate. A pet that wants to be cuddled definitely loves their owner.

3. Piled Together

Some of us have a nice little army of fur babies and if they all pile up on you its a good indication that you're a tight-knit family. During the early days of puppy life the litter piles on mama, so if your crew is doing this with you it means they love you like a mother. As they age of they continue this pile of love, it just shows the bond has done nothing but grow and strengthen over the years.

4. Does your pet sleep on your chest?

If so, it displays a strong emotional bond. Your pet has a need and desire to be close to you. To feel you breathe is very comforting.

5. Side by side

If you and your pet lay side by side at night it suggests you are equals. No one is the alpha in this relationship, you've found your pet partner!

6. On or around your face

It may lull you to sleep to hear and feel your cat purr in your face all night but when it comes to the uncomfortable feeling of fur in your nose, your pet knows what's up. Your relationship needs some work.

7. In between you and your human partner

If your dog sleeps right smack in the middle of you and your human counterpart theres two possiblities. One is that your furry friend loves you both equally and just wants to be perfectly near you both. The other suggests a power struggle and your pet is deliberately using themself as a physical wedge between you. You may want to address that!

8. On your feet

This may benefit you on cold nights but its most likely that your pet comrade believes you really need their help. They're doing you a huge favor taking care of you in their book.

9. Spooning

Spooning suggests a strong bond and a mutual respect. It's a pretty comfortable position to snuggle in!

10. Under the covers.

If your feline friend or your dog dude sleeps under the covers it is most likely that you have a spontaneous and fun relationship. That's definitely your best friend in that home!

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