Rescued Kitten Was Abandoned in A Parking Lot But Finally Discovers Her Very Own Best Friend

A kitten, rescued from between dumpsters, found not only a home but a new BFF with it. When the kitten cried for help, Cathy Blouin’s ears perked up. After spotting the wet and hungry kitty hidden amongst the garbage, Blouin wrapped the kitten in a blanket and was rewarded with cuddles and purrs that will make your heart melt.

When no one came to claim the kitten, Blouin adopted her and took her home, but it was the reaction from Blouin’s other cat, Oreo, that secured this kitty’s new family. With a new name, Whippet, and a new BFF to follow everywhere, the inseparable Oreo and Whippet are taking Instagram by storm.

What a sweet kitty

On the way home, Whippet has no idea she's about to meet her new BFF.

Oreo seems unsure at first, but can't resist Whippet's snuggles.

Cozying up for her first big night at her new home.

Whippet getting to know her new big brother and best friend, Oreo.

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Little Sister vs Big tail Brother

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Playing hide and seek.

Tails are the best toys for kittens.

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Tail game with Oreo and Whippet

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Learning how to play with each other, Oreo is feeling a bit rusty playing kitten games.

Time to snuggle.

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