This Kitty Was Lost For An Entire Year Before Being Reunited With Her Family

When nine-year old Boo, a beautiful and sweet short hair cat, climbed out of the window in her Streatham, south London home, her family thought they would never see her again. For what it seemed, as the months passed, that appeared to be true. The family cat of Jelena and Denis was gone, and the pain of that reality was too real.

The couple had previously lived 3 miles away in Herne Hill and thought that perhaps Boo had travelled there, thinking that was the home she needed to return to. Unfortunately, they could find no trace of their precious puss. They never would have suspected she was not much farther off in Clapham...

In Clapham, 3.2 miles from her family, Boo survived thanks to the genuine kindness of some local nuns who fed her scraps. That is, until they were evicted and homeless.

When the nuns were evicted, a local mechanic prowled the area looking for the seemingly stray cat. He was concerned that no one would be taking care of the sweet girl. When he found her, he brought her to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home because he suspected she may have been pregnant!

Battersea has rescued over 3 million pets since their first stray dog in 1860! Boo was in great hands being cared for by the team.

After all, it turned out the local mechanic was right and Boo was pregnant.

In the safety of Battersea, Boo was checked for a microchip. Boo was chipped! But alas, the contact details provided were out of date so tracing her family became impossible for the dedicated team.

Battersea sends pregnant pets to live in foster homes instead of the stressful shelters and while in her foster home, Boo gave birth to a litter of kittens! Boomer, Bootsy, and Bolt were the sweetest, fluffiest, little kittens imaginable.

Battersea’s foster co-ordinator, Kayla helped place Boo in a home. She then began browsing a website where owners often advertise their missing pets! While browsing, she spotted a description of a missing cat and a photo that matched Boo purrfectly!

When contacted by Kayla, Jelena and Denis were successfully able to prove Boo was their cat!

Battersea’s feline welfare manager Joanna Puzzo said in an interview with Metro:

When Boo first came to Battersea, we had no idea how many twists and turns her story would take. It truly is a miracle that it has such a happy ending. Everyone here is thrilled that lovely Boo will be spending Christmas with her family and we hope she’ll enjoy a well-earned break from any madcap adventures.

Joanna added:

As well as a lovely story, Boo is the perfect cautionary tale for owners to not only get your pet microchipped, but to also make sure their details are always kept up to date, so that we can reunite them with their worried owners as soon as possible.

The best way to celebrate the holidays is by being reuinted with your beloved, missing cat.

We love a happy ending, don't you? Can you imagine losing your cat for a whole year and being reunited!? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section now!

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