Woman Adopted Her Cats Best Friend After They Spent 7 Months Apart From Each Other

Megan Marsh was not unlike any other potential cat mom looking to provide a loving forever home to the purr-fect cat when she met Dwight. At an animal shelter in Kennebunk, Maine, the pair connected not long after the cat arrived and as they say... they instantly fell in love.

True love between humans and their fur babies is something special to be celebrated, after all.

Megan had been thinking about adopting a cat for a few years by the time she arrived to the shelter but when she saw Dwight, any hesitation vanished because she knew he was the one she’d been waiting for.

In an interview with The Dodo, Marsh said:

"Dwight is the sweetest cat I've ever encountered. I had never had a cat prior to him and was worried that I'd get a cat that was aloof and just did their own thing β€” Dwight is NOT that cat! Right from the very first day he loved belly rubs, kisses and cuddles. He follows me around my apartment, has to be with me at all times and sleeps with me every night."

Dwight's journey for his forever home actually started 1,600 miles from his final destination with Megan in Maine.

He spent a year in a foster home all the way in Mississippi! Originally, when Megan adopted Dwight she really didn't know much about his former life but all of that changed when his former foster mom reached out unexpectedly.

Nora contacted Megan to tell her about Dwight's best friend, another cat she was fostering at the same time.

The dynamic duo had spent an entire year in foster care together, becoming inseperable. They did everything together, according to Nora, until they were separated when Dwight left for Maine and found his forever home with Megan.

It wasn't just a heartwarming tale she intended to share.

The really awesome news was that Dwight's BFF, Conan... was also coming to Maine to find his forever home! Nora hoped that Marsh's home would be the purr-fect fit for Conan, too.

Cats are a big responsibility though and Megan was not sure that taking on two was a great fit for her.

She turned to her friends and family on Facebook, maybe someone she knew, trusted, and loved could take Conan in? Play dates could be arranged, fun could be had, responsibility could be shared.

Marsh said, "I live in an apartment and wasn't sure if I had enough space"

Alas, her social support circle was not having it.

They all coaxed and convinced Megan that the purr-fect solution was for her to also adopt Conan. Megan said she knew in her heart though that it was all meant to be, Conan belonged with her and Dwight. Before Conan was even loaded onto the transport van... the adoption was official. Megan, Dwight, and Conan would be a family. The boys would be together again!

Marsh said, "After giving it some thought though it just made sense β€” they were best friends before, I would have been crazy not to reunite them!"

Travelling even short distances can be stressful for cats, so to travel so far for Conan was definitely unsettling.

Marsh said that when he first arrived he was very scared. Seeing Dwight though? A game changer.

Conan went from distressed to instantly calmer with the presence of his BFF and over the course of the following week Dwight helped Conan come to realize he was home.

Megan said:

He and Dwight remembered each other and were friends once again β€” I actually got up in the middle of the night to find the two of them cuddling in Dwight's little bed. It was the cutest thing ever! They are now inseparable. If one is around, the other one is usually right there too. It is clear this was the best decision!

The family will live out the best of their days together.

Do you have a totally pawesome adoption story?

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