Russian Artist Makes the Most Incredible Cat Sculptures You've Ever Seen

Victoria Serdyukova is a Russian artist operating under the pseudonym of "Sevillsia" and her work will literally blow you away. Using ceramic paste and polymer clay, Victoria creates sculptures with details most of us couldn't even dream of. The amount of time, details, and effort she puts into each intricate and incredible creation is indescribably impressive and all that work certainly pays off. Her sculptures, which she creates using inspiration from esoteric, fantasy and rasta elements, combine perfectly into the most unique and exquisite cats you will ever see.

Victoria also has noted that each individual piece is unique, a custom work of hand-crafted art that she personally created to be a fantastical one-of-a-kind sculpture anyone would be honored and proud to own. Which of these 16 sculptures will be your favorite? Mine is number 15.

1. Stunning

We love the colors and details on this one.

2. Unique

I wish I could have them all.

3. Mesmerizing

I love the eyes on this one.

4. Purple Passion

Victoria's creativity seems to know no bounds.

5. Details

The colors and details are unparalleled.

6. Astronomical

I'm in love with this one.

7. Earthbound

The colors and tones are unique to each piece.

8. Nature

It is impossible not to be impressed by these sculptures.

9. Personality

It is as if personality oozes from her creations.

10. Pure

The creamy and soft colors are so well done.

11. Close up

We saw this one earlier but a close up of the details reveals so much about her vision. This piece speaks.

12. Volume

This one reminds me of ancient Egypt and their worship of cats.

13. Peace

These colors are breathtaking!

14. Adorable

I love how some of her sculptures are intense and some are simply fun!

15. Motherhood

Have you ever seen something so beautiful?

16. Colors

Such a unique and exquisite piece!
I have always wanted to have some sort of artistic talent that could have me make some amazing sculptures and designs that people look at in awe. Take, for example, this artist who seems to have come out of the 1600's with his amazing sculptures made out of driftwood. Yes, you read that right! Debra Bernier from Victoria in Canada crafts her artwork from natural materials (driftwood, clay, shells, and more).

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