Small, Stray Kitten Begs For Help From A Random Couple Passing By

Sharing stories of stray cats is something all-too familiar with us here at Cats on Catnip, but we are always happy to share stories that encourage people about how awesome cat rescue is! Like Japanese photographer Nyankichi Rojiupa, who photographs a local stray colony to raise awareness. Or mama cats who find a safe home to have their kittens in, always with just the right people to get them the help they need.

The truth is, no matter where you live in this world, there's a chance there are stray cats nearby who could benefit from your love, attention, and time. But sometimes for the two worlds to collide (stray cat and willing human,) the cats have to do the tough part themselves and ask for help. Such was the case for one very small kitten you're going to hear about today.

While strolling down the street one day, a couple heard the faint but determined "mews" of a small kitten nearby.

The small kitten was injured but managed to hobble to the couple, who immediately knew they couldn't leave him behind to fend for himself. So, they did what animal lovers do... they scooped him up and took him home.

The kitten definitely found his angels, they took him to the vet and tended to his every need, sometimes sacrificing sleep at night to care for the poor thing, especially considering the little one was on the brink of death when he was rescued and required around the clock syringe feedings. Their efforts paid off, though, because the kitten's injury began to heal.

He found his place in their home, too, where their other cat delighted in taking on a foster parent role. Their sweet black and white cat would bathe the kitten after meals and tend to the kitten as if it were her own.

Seemingly aware of the love provided to him, the kitten took to the family, especially the dad! He followed dad everywhere, despite his hobbling injured foot.

Thankfully, after another two weeks, his leg seemed to heal almost entirely! The playful disposition one expects from a cat came out in full, delightful force.

The kitten even made friends with the couple's young child! Future BFF's? Probably!

A month later, the kitten was declared fully recovered!

But the best part is that the kitten found his forever home with the couple who happened to pass by at precisely the right time.

You can follow the family as they update on the kitten and their other cats by checking out their Instagram!

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