Scientific Benefits Of Being A Cat Owner

Most cat owners know all too well that too many people "don't like cats" when they've never owned one or really spent much time with them. It's a shame really, they don't see their cuddly side, their loving manner, or their playful spirits, and no matter how much you reassure them that your cat is the best cat ever and they'll definitely fall in love with it, some people are just too stubborn to even try.

They just don't believe cats can be great friends, which means they most definitely won't believe that they can make them healthier, happier, or more attractive. 

But, instead of forcing them to look at photos of your beloved feline, why not hit them with some facts about how much benefit you actually get from owning a cat?



Cats aren't just amazing companions, it's actually scientifically proven that they aid in a lot of things surrounding human health! From things like allergies and heart health to keeping those wild rodents away, cats will always be been to help their human family out, without any of you even knowing it. 

Tell these few things to the next person you see who claims cats are "horrible". It's sure to change their mind!

Cats do indeed health humans out on a grand scale when it comes to our health. Just having a cat around you triggers the release of calming chemicals in our bodies, and can help relieve stress and anxiety. 

Because cats are such calm animals, they help us destress without having to face people, but still have that loving, physical contact that humans crave.

Not only can they help people with anxiety but cats also make great companion animals for people with depression as give you a sense of responsibility and break up your daily routine into something new every day, because that's just what cats do!

Scientists have proven all of this, and so much more. When it comes to cats and children most people will always tell you "cats aren't good with babies" and while in some cases that might be true, there's no doubt that cats are good for babies, and young children in fact. 

Young kids who are exposed highly to pets have a lower rate of developing allergies later in life, that's right, cats actually prevent allergies!

Having babies or toddlers grow up around a cat exposes them to not only the pet and the things that come with it, but it also allows them to be around things like dust mites, ragweed, and grass, all which are common allergies. Fewer allergies for your offspring? I'd say that's a win!



Now for the big stuff, believe it or not, cats aid us in reducing our risk of heart disease and can even regrow our bones! Studies have proven that just having a pet cat in your home can help you not only be stressfree but also healthier, as the less stress in your life means a lower risk of heart problems.

Over the course of a 10 year period, it was proven that a cat owners risk of having a heart attack was 30% less than that of a non-cat owner. 

Patting or spending time with a cat has a positive calming effect on the human body and this way of keeping stress and anxiety out of your life leads to not only better cardiovascular health, but it also decreases your chance of having a stroke, and many other serious health problems by 30% as well.

A cat's purr is possibly the most relaxing, enjoyable sounds on the face of the earth, but not only does it make us smile, it's this part of your feline friend that can help heal your bones after an injury. 

A cats purr creates a vibration at frequencies between 20 and 140 Hertz and studies have shown that only frequencies in the range of 18 to 35 Hertz will help encourage healing and positive effects on human joints.

So not only are they helping out your bones, but their purr also affects your tendons and muscles as well, after all, joints aren't just made of bones. 

It's time to take a look at your cat's behavior and think about whether them purring all night is really an annoyance, or if they're actually easing the burdens your body is facing.

Take a moment to enjoy your cat's calm mood, pat or cuddle with them and use just a few minutes of the day to talk to them about the stresses you faced at work, they may not understand you, but your mental and physical health may thank you for it.



Now onto the super important reasons that you'll benefit from having a cat. Not only will they keep you fit by making you run after them all day, they're guaranteed to be more attractive to women, and even sleep better! 

Many studies performed across the UK have proved that often people prefer to sleep with their cat, than they do a human partner, especially if you're a female. 

In fact, in a recent study done by the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine, results showed that 41% of participants indicated that they sleep better when sleeping with their cat, while only 20% claimed that it lead to disturbances. Move over significant other, the cat's coming in!

Next is this claim that they keep you fit, and while not as high energy and high maintenance as having a dog would be, cats too can indeed keep your waistline trim for the summer.

It is true that no, you don't have to walk your cat or take them to the park, but some people do! if your cat is lead and harness trained then there is no reason for you not to take them our exploring, and get some exercise while you're at it.

If you're not into that there's still a lot to do to keep your cat happy. Cat's get bored very quickly and need more than toys to keep them from breaking your things, so prepare to break out the ribbons, laser pointers, and feather dusters because your cat will soon be chasing you.

If you have an intelligent breed of cats like the Ragdoll, Maine Coon, Manx, Burmese, or the Abyssinian you can even teach your kitty to fetch or play hide and seek. No matter what game you play they'll certainly keep you on your toes!

Lastly, and possibly the most important to people who want to impress the women of earth, yes, cats do make you more attractive.

A poll performed in Britain showed that 82% of women are more attracted to a man (or potential partner) who loves animals. Better than that 90% of single women find men nicer and more approachable when they own a cat.



Wait, there's one more way you'll benefit from having a cat in your home! It's better than fighting heart disease, healing bones, making you thin, finding a partner, or even fixing your sleeping pattern. 

Cat's literally save lives.

Cats all over the world are trained as companion and service animals and they not only help humans live their day to day lives but if you need it, they'll save you too. 

Cats cant be trained to warn owners with epilepsy when a seizure is about to strike, allowing them to get somewhere before it happens. There's been a story of a cat in Montana, US, who woke his family during the night when a gas pipe started to leak.

Firefighters told the couple that the pipe could easily have exploded, killing them, if not for their cat's interference.

And as if that wasn't enough, cats even enlist to serve our countries! Take the story of a brave cat named Simon for example. Simon the cat served aboard the HMS Amethyst catching rats to protect the ships food stores.

He was serving in 1949 when the ship was hit with the shell that begun the 101 siege of the ship (this would later be known as the Yangtze Incident.). Simon was seriously injured but still performed his duties and spent time providing moral support for the sailors on board the ship.

Unfortunately, Simon passed away not long after the ship reached port, but for his brave actions, he was awarded the highest medal of honor available to military animals.

Known to be the "Animals Victoria Cross" the UK’s Dickin Medal was awarded to him for "Behaviour of the highest order, although the blast was capable of making a hole over a foot in diameter in a steel plate." 

Simon has had books dedicated to him and bushes planted in his honor in the Yangtze Incident Grove. 

Rest In Piece Simon!


Hold your cats a little tighter and appreciate them a little more, because you never know when your cat is doing something that's helping you out!

The benefits that us feline friends give us really are countless, so if you don't have a cat in your life make sure you adopt one (or two) today!


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