Everyone Is Very Excited About This Cat's Exaggerated Reaction To Canned Tuna

Around these parts (meaning the cat obsessed corner of the Internet, AKA social media,) we have a thing for quirky cats and it involves heart eyes and racing pulses. Our eyebrows raise at the mere possibility of an unusual cat behaving in a peculiar manner and we have a hard time not going all in with enthusiasm.

Naturally, the hysterical story about Twitter user Jesse Nowack and his fur baby, a cat named Khaleesi, completely got our attention and undying adoration. What began as a simple and amusing tweet from an observant cat-dad has morphed into something that can only be described as either hysterical or amazing, if not simultaneously both.

Nowack, an East coast voice actor and writer, turned to his Twitter feed to provide a glimpse of a day in the life of Jesse and Khaleesi. The quirky story of the 4-year old tuxedo cat's response to a can of tuna being opened was simultaneously universally relatable to all cat owners and too uniquely hilarious not to near immediately blow up and go viral.

Most of us blame the use of "SeA MEaT."

The 4yo cat being denied her fair share of the glorious sea meat elicited an emotional outburst of a response that cat fanatics felt deep in their core.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Jesse explained more about how special Khaleesi is:

“She’s a rescue that I found in a shelter in New York. She came there apparently all the way from Florida, which no one knew the story behind when I tried to ask, haha."

Khaleesi's reaction and behavior is pretty common when it comes to tuna and the proud cat dad has obviously come to see the incredible amount of humor in the interactions.

Amusingly, he also says that Khaleesi does not actually care for human food anyway. He said:

“I’ve briefly tried to give her human food, but she won’t eat it. Not even tuna. She’s a super picky eater and will only eat certain kinds of cat food, which can be frustrating, haha."

And then someone delighted in Jesse's story abiut Khaleesi so much that they made and sent him a small comic. It was purrfect.

Yep, Khaleesi is all sorts of fun. Just look at this face!

Jesse also told Bored Panda:

“When she’s done using the litter box, she refuses to bury her business and will instead make a burying motion on the floor, the walls, everywhere around the litter box except in the actual litter. She also likes kicking the walls around the house with her back paws, like Thumper from “Bambi.” She’s a total weirdo and I love her."

Twitter users absolutely erupted with delight.

The simple words "sea meat" somehow really captivated internet audiences.

Some solid advice also flowed in.

And of course, thankfully, people shared their own quirky cat stories.

Plus pictures, glorious cat pictures.

Stubborn as heck.

Know your place, human slave.

The Sneakster.

Tuna heals.

Cats are too damn intelligent.



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