20 Times Humans Publicly Shamed Their Feline Dictators

When we think of animals with sass beyond compare most of the time I think we lean toward cats being the top dog of the category. They're lazy, demanding, judgmental and often a little bit grouchy but even so they make us love them unconditionally, and then give us attitude when we try to show them that...

Well no matter how much you love your cat most owners can admit that their feline friend isn't perfect, and probably had some kind of bad behavior that drives the whole house crazy. Well now, thanks to the Instagram account @cat_shaming people can submit their cats doing some pretty shifty things, and we all get the chance to laugh about it!

Troublemaker Teddy... Why the paint?

That must have been one heck of a poop!

Cats deserve fashion too you know

Lifeguard always on duty

Ruined you bath? Or tested your reflexes?

Milo is your man now.

Pretty sure you just got adopted by a cat...

Not a naughty cat, but a cat that deserves some recognition anyway. R.I.P Stella

A master of deception!

... That's just mean Mr President.

Did you compromise? Or did you give in?

Glad too see it's not just my cat that does this...

Never mind me I'm just over her ASSERTING MY DOMINANCE

This whole post is a rollercoaster

You call it nightmares, he calls it life lessons...

Hello George, nice to FINALLY have you home!

Sneaky Taco!

In all honesty I'm actually a little impressed

Her name is Elsa, I wouldn't expect any less.

Oh. OH. Poor Foosball.

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