35 Photos Of Shiro, The Most Relaxed Cat In The World, Who Passed Away at Age 18

Shiro, a Japanese cat famous for his easygoing and relaxed character, has regrettably passed away at the age of 18. He became famous on social networks thanks to his ability to fall asleep anytime and anywhere.

Pictures of him sleeping with fruits, flowers, even frogs on his head are loved by people all over the world. Now, most cats are lazy and sleep a lot, but Shiro did it in the most charming way, and he was indeed was the Zen Shiro, the king of leisure. Shiro's real name, Shironeko, means "white cat" in Japanese.

Many people are upset by the fact that Shiro passed away. "Before Smudge Lord, this is the best meme lord. Rest in peace, master!" a person on Facebook commented. "He lived Zen and achieved Zen," someone stated.

1. When you are at peace, even a frog on your head doesn’t bother you.


3. Yellow flowers bring warmth.

4. He is a farmer here.

5. After a shower?

6. With forest fruit.


8. With a pink flower.

9. With grapes.



12. Cherry on top.

13. White cat and a chocolate cat.

14. Enjoying the sun on a cold winter day.


16. A wonderful hat.

17. With carrot horns.

18. Sunglasses for a sunny day..

19. Something was tasty.


21. You can never have enough flowers.


23. Basket is a favorite place.

24. Enjoying with his friends.




28. An old log can also be comfortable.



31. With the colors of Japan.

32. A strange hat.


34. Yellow flowers seemed to be his favorite.


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