10 Indisputable Signs Your Cat Is Probably An Alien

Illustrators Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar are the creative minds behind "Last Lemon," a comic series we're paws-itive you're going to LOVE. 

Their simple and heart warming illustrations are easy to relate to and when it comes to the topic of cats, we're purr-ty sure they totally nail it. 

Today they bring us 10 comics that are irrefutable signs that our cats... well they might be alien.

After today you're either going to be a little extra suspicious of your funny feline friends or just glad to know... you're not the only one with a crazy, cook of a kitty cat!

1. Sixth Sense

I don't know a single cat owner who hasn't had a "oh my gosh WHAT" moment when their kitty sees something that we can't see...

2. The great mad-dash

All cats do this...

3. Science has failed us...

The obvious answer is extraterrestrials.

4. Training Techniques

Let's face it, if a cat WAS going to teleport, they'd use boxes to do so.

5. For... scientific purposes


6. Study?

More like steal. Am I right?

7. Well, yes...

But to be fair I'm pretty sure I taste delicious.

8. Monitor?

Well, that's one way to put it.

9. Scientific analysis

They are smart creatures, after all...

10. I just have one question:

Does it matter if they do this every single night, or no?

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