Silly Cats That Will Remind You How Great Cats Are

If you are a slave to a feline house guest you'll know that their manner around humans is usually indifferent, stubborn, or just superior to everything, right? Well beneath that silky and sleek exterior they're just as big a bunch of goofballs as we see dogs to bed. 

They make the same mistakes, have the same awkward encounters, and look just as dumb as anyone else, they just know how to hide it better. However, that doesn't mean they never get caught acting the fool, and when they do their dramatic, flamboyant personalities make their fails absolutely spectacular. Check out the furry kitties below.

This is why you should always hang your suits up I guess...

Now who's the inferior species?

Some cats like mice, this one likes tea.

I will NOT ask the human for help.

Fat little cat is just trying his best!

10 points for trying...

Circus cat? Or cat shaped towel?

When the food is so good you literally melt...

He thinks he's locked out.

Broken Vase VS Stylish Accessory

Kittens are the most ridiculous things!

Great thieves... Sometimes.

Buddy, you're definitely doing it wrong.

Seat or shade? Whatever works I guess.

This cats daily routine... Why?

They think they're superior to use, but can't work our technology... Like taps.

This cat thinks the door has been moved...

You can't sit in everything you see!

Don't ask how, just help me down!

My cat won't eat expensive food but this one eats dimes?

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