Cats That Had The Audacity To Sleep In Some Really Bizarre Places

If there is one truth we simply know to be true about cats and their logic it's that they know without a doubt they're entitled to do what they want.

They're the masters, we're the servants. Such is life. Since they know they're the boss (or bosses if you, like me, have more than one cat because we are doing life right,) they can and will sleep where they please.

This turns out to be fairly hysterical sometimes. While lots of cats love to cozy up in the best cat bed on the planet, some cats fancy some peculiar spots instead. All the while saying, "heck you, hooman! I do what I want."

1. If it works, it works.

2. Is this comfy?


4. I always wanted to see this vision from this purr-spective.

5. Even better than music: cats.

6. I need to know why, but I'm pretty sure the answer is, "to heck with you."

7. Satisfaction guaranteed.

8. Zero hecks given.

9. Uh, same, bro. Same.

10. Impressive.

11. To be fair, who hasn't felt this way at least once?

12. Purr-fection Purr-sonified.

13. So that's what that hole is for...

14. This could have ended terribly if it hadn't turned out so adorable.

15. A cats gonna do what a cats gonna do.

16. He just gave up half-way through. That's a whole mood.

17. Again, I say, samesies.

18. Very melodramatic.

19. I don't blame her.

20. Even cats love books.

21. Truly, a delight.

22. Thanks, it's purr-fect.

23. Cat Yoga

24. This does put a smile on my face.

25. Gosh darnit.

26. Maybe she's born with it.

27. I don't approve of this message.

28. "If I fits, I sits."

29. Stop judging me from your throne.

30. We call this one The BORTHOLE Hat.

31. We're doin' cat physics, deal with it.

32. This gives me anxiety.

33. Can you not?

34. Quite smart.

35. Cozy as heck.

36. It works, I'm not mad.

37. I see nothing wrong here.

38. "Will you PLEASE do something? Anything?"

39. I don't blame you.

40. Can't wrap my mind around this one, but this long boi might be able to wrap around my mind.

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