Just Some Pictures Of Cats Sleeping That Will Make You Ready For A Catnap

Cats are good at two things: eating, and sleeping. Okay, cats are good at lots of things; purring, rolling on the ground, sitting in inconvenient places and, of course, knocking things off of high surfaces. But this post is focused on cats doing one of the favourite activities, sleeping.

Now, my cat, for example, will not sleep on the fancy, expensive, cat beds I purchase for her. But she'll sleep on pretty much anything else. As will these other cats. So here an assortment of pictures of cats sleeping on things that they probably shouldn't be. Warning: these pictures are very cute and you might find yourself grabbing you cat to have a quick nap together.

This cat was just too exhausted to make it all the way to the bed!

This little kitten getting ready for a cat scan!

Well worth going barefoot for.

Bless you!

When you have to have a serious talk but need a power nap first!

"Why are your clothes damp?" "Well, my cat decided to dry itself instead."

A pocket-sized kitty!

This is aDOORable

That's not quite how you use a pillow, but it's okay because it's CUTE

This cat is so warm and happy.

A makeshift hammock?

The true meaning of "power nap"

The entry of the stairway to heaven?

Just hanging out!

Mind the gap

Talk about a prime delivery!

The only acceptable filling for a serving bowl

A nice glass of mosCATo

Nap buddies!

Is that a gutter?

Having a secret nap!

A CD I would listen to all day long

This is the happiest cat I have ever seen.

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