This Cat Got A Haircut And Ended Up Looking Like A Slinky

Just like humans, some pets have to go to the barber's shop to ensure their fur looks nice and stylish. Realistically, it is less about style and more about taming long fur and making sure it doesn't have any knots in it. However, we can pretend that, just like their owners, pets like to be on trend.

We’ve all had that haircut that doesn’t turn out as expected. You know, the one where you’re nodding and thanking the hairdresser but when you leave you go and cry. Turns out, that doesn’t just happen with human-hairdressers, but sometimes pets leave the barber shop with a look that their family doesn’t approve of. 

Caitlin Tweeted a screenshot of her family's group text about their cat, Oliver.

Caitlin's mother? Not all that impressed with the situation!

The text explains that Caitlin's dad took Oliver for his groom (an appointment they waited two months for) and now her mum can't even look at him!

Here are a couple of the pictures her mother included to show off Oliver's "ridiculous" haircut.

Honestly, Oliver kind of looks like an edgy teenager trialling a new look his parents don't approve of!

(We've all been there, Oliver!)

Caitlin texted her Dad to find out what happened.

Turns out, he was playing a joke!

I can't decide if Oliver likes his new look or not

Caitlin also shared an adorable picture of what Oliver looked like beforehand.

Fetch some apple-bottom jeans because Oliver has the boots with the fur!!

Naturally, Oliver has gone viral, and people have shared their interpretations of his look

One person thinks he looks like this...

Whereas others thought he may have been going for a more dinosaur-esque look

Some people shared their own pets' grooming misfortunes!

Oliver has been compared to an accordion...

And also a Pokemon...

And a potato on a stick!

Follow Oliver on Instagram @ollietheslinkycat for more cute pictures!

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