The Cutest Thing You Will See Today Is The World's Tiniest Wild Cat

There are some pretty darn amazing things in nature. From incredible plants, jungles & deserts to forests, sunshine and the big blue sky.

But, by far, some of the most fascinating and beautiful things of all would have to be of the animal variety. Just think of all the adorable creatures we are lucky enough to know and love. From koalas to monkeys to horses to dolphins to eagles to our beloved domestic dogs & cats. There are so many creatures, great and small, to admire in this big wide world of ours.

One of the cutest - if not the absolute cutest - critters on the list is the rusty-spotted cat, which is the smallest wild cat on the planet.

The BBC recently aired a preview of the latest episode of Big Cats, which features a near-adult rusty-spotted cat roaming the woods and searching for food in Sri Lanka.

The rusty-spotted cat lives predominantly in the forests of Sri Lanka and India, sighted occasionally in Terai and Nepal.

The adorable cats are mostly nocturnal, although they will come out briefly during the day. They will often be found hiding from larger predators in caves and trees.

Their main sources of food are birds and rodents. Though they will also prey on frogs, lizards and insects.

The rusty-spotted cat are often described as a smaller version of a leopard with their rust-colored coat and spots. The average rusty-spotted cat measures at around 35–48cm with a tail measuring around 15-30cm in length.

Sadly, the rusty-spotted cat is on the list of near threatened species. The main cause being the decline of its natural habitat.

So, who is the second smallest cat in the world? It’s the black-footed cat. Also adorably tiny, however, it is ranked as the deadliest cat on earth because of its ability to bring down more prey than any other feline. How crazy is that?

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