This Cat Paw-ssibly Has The Nicest Smile You'll See Today

There's nothing like a smile to brighten your day. The only thing better than an attractive human smiling at you? A gorgeous cat smiling! Meet Rey; her owners' little "rey" of sunshine. Rey was adopted after her new owner, Jenni, visited a local animal shelter after having a bad day. Rey jumped into her new owner's lap, meowed, and smiled up at her.

The rest is history. The smiling ginger cat has upturned eyes and mouth, which make it seem like she has a permanent smile of her little face.

As well as her loving owners, thousands of people online have been charmed by the smiley kitty, with Rey's Instagram account having 15k followers.

Rey was a rescue cat, that had been found as a stray in an alleyway.

In an interview with ABC News Today, Jenni says that they "like to think she's the anti-Grumpy Cat, his self-proclaimed arch nemesis!"

She's not all smiles though! Rey can be just as grumpy as the rest of us are in the morning. Once she's woken up properly, she's ready to play all day!

Rey is, of course, named after the heroine in the new Star Wars films.

Jenni said she let Aaron name Rey in order to prevent him from being mad she brought home another cat! Though how could anyone be mad when a happy, smiling cat is involved is beyond me!

Aaron, a massive Star Wars fan, named the newest addition to their family in honour of the character in his much-beloved films.

They even got Rey a BB8 toy-- which she loves to play with!

Jenni says that Rey knows just how cute she is, and loves posing for the camera. Which lets her get away with lots of mischief.

Rey shares an Instagram account with her two siblings. You can keep up with their adventures, and see plenty of pictures and videos of the smiling cat at @coen.ava.rey.

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