15 Hilarious Cats On Snapchat

The Internet may not even exist today as it is if it wasn't for cats, that's practically a fact. So it's reasonable to think that perhaps none of the social media platforms we know and love today would be the same without cats, either. 

Thankfully for us, though, cats have had and maintained a dominating presence on all things Internet for years at this point and these 15 cats on Snapchat are literal proof, poofy-floofy proof at that! Cats still rule and they still possess the ability to make us laugh like there's no tomorrow. 

1. Purrfectly Delicious

Some of us have always wanted to snuggle a cinnamon roll. We're grateful for this cat's existence.

2. We're fighting, meow.

I wonder who said what.

3. The mighty hunter has returned.

What a good cat.

4. Meow.

My toy.

5. Swing and a miss.

He tried so hard, though!

6. Catnip is a helluva drug.

We love it.

7. He's seen some stuff.

Crazy cat stuff.

8. Timing is everything.

Especially when it comes to snapping a photograph.

9. Important Cat Business Meeting

Who knows what was going on.

10. Spider Cat

Does whatever a spidercat does.

11. Like father like son.

Adorable. Paws-itively adorable.

12. Selfie Game Strong


13. He's going to the other dimension.


14. Guardians of the Basement

"You don't want to know what's down there."

15. My blankie!

"Is it done yet, mama?"

You know you're a cat lover when you Snapchat them to friends and family. This guy went above and beyond. He took his cat to prom and the results are amazing.

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