20 Hilarious Sneezing Photos of Cattos With The Funniest Facial Expressions

Cats are such agile creatures, with their every move performed with absolute elegance. Yeah, but how about sneezing? Can they do that gracefully too?

Well - no. Not much grace there. They are no different than humans in that respect. They also make funny faces. You don’t believe us, and think that cats are always elegant? Get ready for a rude awakening.

We have collected the funniest photos of sneezing cats, all captured by their owners who had the camera with them just in the right moment.

Scroll on down and try to choose your favorite, but we must warn you - it will be tricky.

1. Wait for it……

2. I hate allergies.

3. Oh, no, not again.

4. Nice teeth.

5. Even better.

6. She looks like she has something stuck in her teeth.

7. Allergies again….

8. I’ll close my eyes. Maybe it’ll go away.

9. Is this cat winking?

10. She is definitely angry about something.


12. This cat looks like she is not buying what her owner is telling her.


14. Go away.

15. It seems like this cat is not particularly fond of the person taking this photo.

16. Spring allergies again.

17. Like she is putting a lot of effort in something.


19. “Got something between my teeth.”

20. Achoo....

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