Veterinarians Refused To Give Up On This Cat Frozen In Snow And She Actually Made It Out Alive

Veterinarians at the Animal Clinic of Kalispell received a cat, completely frozen in snow. Fluffy was found in a snow bank located in Montana, and upon arrival she was unresponsive. This was a task that the medical professionals refused to give up on, so they got to work immediately.

Fluffy's fur was completely matted in ice and her body temperature was 'very low'. After only a couple of hours, the team successfully managed to help Fluffy recover and she has fully recovered since the ordeal.

An employee at the Animal Clinic of Kalispell, Dr. Jevon Clark, told ABC NEWS that when they measured Fluffy the cat's temperature, it would not show up on the thermometer, as their bottom range is 90 degrees Fahrenheit (about 32 degrees Celsius).

A normal cats body temperature should be around 100-101 degrees Fahrenheit (or 37-38 degrees Celsius).

Amazing success

Dr Jevon Clark said:

“I’ve been in practice for almost 24 years and she was actually caked in ice, like those ice balls were caked on her all the way around her 360 degrees all the way around her. Her temperature was so low our thermometer wouldn’t read it, so we know it was less than 90.”

It took the veterinarians two hours to thaw the kitty out, using blankets and warm water.

This method helped to bring her temperature back up to normal.

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