20 Obnoxiously Awesome Items Your Cat Definitely Needs

Our primary duty in cat-human companionship is to make these frisky felines feel fabulous. Naturally, we are predispositioned to spoiling them rotten. While it's not unheard of for our cat companions to prefer discarded cardboard boxes for fun and relaxation, we all know that delighting in our cat's as they experience new toys, gadgets, snacks, trees, and beds is a favored past time of us crazy for cats folks.

As the holidays approach, surely you're also thinking about what gifts to provide the cats in you life? Or purr-haps you're just in the mood to surprise your silly kitty next week with a new toy? Either way, we know exactly what they need because we know it's important to get the right items for our cats, outrageous or awesome... they deserve the best.

1. Fruit Tart Bed

Featuring removable fruit pillows and a cushion crust, this cozy cat bed is purr-fect for the apple o your eye. This bed is available on Amazon for only $24.99 and the light-weight fruit pillows double as "berry" fun toys for your furry feline friend to play with.

2. Catit Grass Planter

Cats just love to monch on some plants, don't they? Divert them away from your succulents with their own little grassy garden! They boast a sturdy, grip base so you cat can't knock it over, spilling dirt everywhere like they do with your other indoor plants, and a unique design specifically for their Catit seeds (available here) to keep your cat healthy while they chew until their heart's content. It's available on Amazon for $14.99.

3. Electronic Cat Track

This motion-friendly cat-tastic cat toy has four unique speeds for play, which means your cat will find hours of delight in the ever-changing mischief it provides. It comes with replacement feathers and is battery operated. But for less than $35 on Amazon, you can't beat this deal.

4. Tropical Scratching Post

This is one cool scratching post. It is made with eco-friendly jute fiber, which is purr-fect for keeping your cat's nails in tip-top shape. It's also designed with a heavy base and sturdy palm leaves so your cat can even sit or lay on top! It comes in two sizes on Amazon for less than $30!

5. Toy Ball Tower

I know what you're thinking, you've seen it all and your cat was not amused. Trust me, this toy is different. It has over 6,000 positive reviews! A nonslip base plus 3 layers of fun and featuring irresistibly colorful balls? It's the ideal cat toy and it's available on Amazon for less than $10.

6. Cat Tree... Literally!

Looking for a safe way to help your cat enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors without risking the dangers of the outdoors? Get them their very own indoor tree. It's available in 3 different sizes, featuring 3 levels of carpeted cat perches hidden within the leaves to help your cat feel safe and secure. All 3 sizes available can hold up to 32 pounds in weight, so chonky cats are welcome. You can find them here on Amazon and assemble it quickly and easily at home in 10 minutes or less.

7. Collapsable Tunnel

All sorts of ways to hide and play, that's what every happy cat finds enjoyable about life! It's definitely a perk that us humans can take this tunnel toy system and collapse it for easy clean-up and storage and your cat's eyes will pop with pleasure when they see it brought out every time! It's available in 18 different color varieties to suit both of your purr-sonlalities on Amazon for only $15.99!

8. Catit LED Flower Water Fountain

It's a well known fact that most cats prefer to delight in their fresh water from dripping and running sources, over a stagnant bowl on the floor. Be the bright light in your cat's life with this flowing flower water fountain, complete with an LED nightlight and not 1 but 3 different water flow settings so you can find just the right fit for your picky puss. It's available on Amazon for $29.99.

9. Butterfly Spinner

This toy is literally irresistible to playful kitties. The butterfly can rotate in 360-degree angles and provides hours upon hours of fun for cats of all ages. It is available on Amazon for less than $25. Thankfully, the toy comes with two replacement butterflies but you can also purchase extras here.

10. Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder

Whatever toy, treat, or snack that your cat loves is going to be easy to enjoy in this toy. You place it inside and your cat has to play for a reward! It's great to help your cat pace eat to maintain a healthy weight or to reach a weight loss goal and when your cat masters the puzzle you can switch it to the next level for a total of 3! Available on Amazon for $15.93, your cat is going to love this.

11. Wine & Cheese Catnip Toys

Stuffed with organic cat-nip, your cat can be as hip and happy as you with their very own stuffed wine & cheese catnip toy set. It's available here on Amazon, and you can only so consider their pizza set or sushi set, if wine and cheese isn't your ideal toy.

12. Ultimate Fuzzy Streamer

This magical dancing toy has entertained countless cats across the globe. It's honest, good, clean fun for only $3.49 on Amazon!

13. DIY Cat Door

This is the only cat door on the market that comes with brushes, and it's easy to install all by yourself on whichever door your cat needs easy access in and out of! Don't be surprised if your cat just enjoys rubbing in and out, though. Most humans have been using it to give their kitties easy access to a closed off space their litter boxes are in. It's a wonderful experience and it will only run you $31.85 on Amazon.

14. Cat Scratcher Lounge

The purr-fect distraction from your couch, I'm sure you sick of replacing it. This cat-tastic toy doubles as a scratcher and a cozy lounge for your lazy loaf to play and nap. It's available on Amazon for only $42.28, comes in 3 different colors, and is made from recycled cardboard and nontoxic corn starch glue!

15. Sugar Ball

This sugar ball includes natural catnip and can easily stick to any surface or wall that suits you and your cats. It includes a transparent protective cover for storage when your cat stops licking, and the licking of this delicious treat can help encourage your precious puss to drink more water! It comes in a 3 pack on Amazon for $12.99, and each individual treat can last up to 18 months.

16. Chair Hammock

Also known as the Cat Crib, this hammock fits under virtually any chair and immediately becomes a literally irresistible spot for your cat to relax. It comes in 3 colors and costs less than $20 on Amazon!

17. Kitty City Bubble Window Cat Cubby

This fishy playpen is made with corrugated cardboard and each of the 3 designs feature a 360 dome for your kitties to enjoy. It's available on Amazon for less than $30.

18. Mounted Cat Scratcher

At 18" tall, this wall-mounted cat scratcher is purr-fect for your cat's instinctual need to scritch and scratch as they go without taking up tons of space. It's only $24.00 on Amazon!

19. Cat Tank Scratcher

Surely you've always wanted your cat to have a tank of their own? Well, at long last you can live this dream. There's no need to glue or tape and they easily fold away for storage. It's available on Amazon for $15.11!

20. Treat Ball

Your cat will have a blast playing for treats with this classic, simple toy. It comes in 3 colors and is only $6.95 on Amazon.

Humans love spoiling their cats, are any of these amazing cat products right up your cat's alley? Let us know your thoughts in the comments right meow!

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