Bell The Japanese Cat Has An Adorable Fluffy Squirrel-Like Tail And We Are Loving It

Bell is a Minuet, or Napoleon cat who lives in Japan. Although she is lovely and adorable like any other cat you might see, her most striking feature is her fluffy, squirrel-like tail.

Now, this quirk is understandable when you realize that Napoleon cats are cross breeds between Persian cats and Munchkins. If you've ever seen a Persian cat, their tails are fluffier than other breeds along with the rest of their bodies. However, in Bell's case, she's got double the fur. Personally, I think it's absolutely adorable how much she looks like a squirrel, and most of the internet seemed to agree.

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She's so cute 😭

Bell has got to be the cat with the fluffiest tail alive.

Bell's owners Instagram is filled with gems like these.

Her tail takes up half of her body; that's pretty impressive.


Her eyes are pretty too!

Okay, Bell looks a little angry in this one. Fiesty!

That tail...

I just want to give her a hug.

Here she is, chilling on the windowsill.

Here are some responses to this lovable squirrel-cat:

I 100% agree.

Seriously, Bell could be a model.

She sure is.

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