Starbucks' New Cat Mug Is Starting Actual Cat Fights Between People In Real Life

There's no better way to show the world your love of cats than engaging in fun cat-themed consumerism. There's no shame, we're all guilty of it. Plus, cat-themed merchandise is usually very cute. My house is full of things that I probably would not have bought if there wasn't a cat on it.

Starbucks has recently released a double-walled mug with a cat paw inside. Yes, it is as adorable as it sounds. Clearly many, many people think so too; considering there have been actual fights over them. The cups are limited edition and were released in China as part of the Spring 2019 collection.

Look how cute it is!!

But people are literally fighting just to get one!

People are also camping out to be the first to get one!

According to Beijing Youth Daily, the cups which originally sold for CN¥199 (US$30) have been listed for as much as CN¥1,800 (US$269) on third-party resale sites.

Sooooo... anyone wanna get me one?

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