This Cat Looks Exactly Like Steve Buscemi And We Are Shook

There are no words to prepare you for what you are about to see. This is not photoshopped. I repeat; this is not photoshopped. I don't even know whether photoshop would produce results this accurate.

They say some pets begin to look like their humans. But what about if your pet bared an uncanny resemblance to actor Steve Buscemi? Random, right. But, it exists and her name is Marla. If Steve Buscemi himself died (praying he doesn't, obviously) and reincarnated as a cat I doubt it look so similar. It isn't just Steven Buscemi though, this cat someone manages to resemble so many famous actors

The cat with an uncanny resemblance to Steve Buscemi

She and her sister were taken to a shelter when they were just a few days old

Not long after, her sister was adopted

Whereas Marla waited for over two years to find her loving home

This cat is the coolest cat I've ever seen

Memes have been made

This is one of the best memes anyway, but the addition of a cat? Pure genius.

Face recognition and privacy laws hate them

Other identity comparisons have been made...

And Bill Nighy.

The cat even has a load of impressive fan art!

Marla has had earrings made with her face on it

Follow her on Instagram @buscemi_cat and on Facebook too.

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