14 Cats Who Desperately Want Some Attention, But Only When You Start Reading

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Cats hate books and knowledge in general, that's why they will never let you read a book in peace, and even when you try to trick them by using a tablet they still know you're up to no good and proceed to do everything in their power to stop you from reading a single word from it.

They'll ignore you all day, but once they spot their number one enemy in your hands they'll stop everything they're doing and just ambush you out of nowhere without any mercy.

1. I am cuter so please pay attention to me

2. Henlo, whatcha reading there buddy

3. Cats have been doing this since the 15th century

4. You can't study, I'm taking a nap

5. You can't just leave me like this and study goddamit

6. I will eat this book if you don't put it away

7. If this book doesn't have cats in it then you're just wasting your time

8. Hey there, watcha doing hooman

9. This is boring, I demand some entertainment

10. This kitty loves Harry Potter even more than the kid

11. This thing is delicious, what exactly is it

12. Have you ever noticed how fluffy my paw is, look at it, I SAID LOOK AT ITTTTTT

13. I just claimed this newspaper as my new bed, you can't have it anymore

14. I'm cute, pay attention to me

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November 07, 2018

So cute…

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