Stray Cat Mother Won't Let Her Babies Out Of Her Sight Unless Her Human Is Near

A stray cat and her three babies were rescued together near the border of Oregon. The tiny babies were only a few days old and their overprotective mama named Sprinkles refused to leave their side no matter what.



Luckily for Sprinkles the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Lynnwood, Washington took the furry family into their care and found them a loving foster home to safely live until they find some forever homes.

"They were found as strays near the Oregon border. The kittens were four days old when I got them," Ashely, their foster mom, said in an interview.

Even though Ashley was offering them safety and love mama Sprinkles would not rest until she knew her babies were going to be safe.

She refused to eat and would growl to protect her little jellybeans. Ashley never gave up and knew she had to gain the mother's trust.



Soon Ashley and Sprinkles would be co-parenting the little kits. Ashley offered the mum some food and reached out to offer pets. After a good sniff Sprinkles accepted her hand and began to rub onto, signaling her acceptance and trust towards Ashley.



While two of the kittens named Coco and Fritter, were growing well, one of the babies, Maple, was tiny and wasn't growing at all.

Despite all of Ashley and Sprinkles efforts to save the little baby Maple passed away a week after they arrived. Sprinkles never gave up on her baby and loved and supported it until the very end.

"She did see Maple after she passed away, and I think she understood. A mama always understands."



Coco and Fritter, however, are thriving in their foster home. They have learned to crawl around with mama Sprinkles of course watching very closely the whole time.

She refuses to take a break from mothering her babies until Ashley comes in to take over and help her.



"Mama often waits till I come in to go potty and eat while I watch the babies," Ashely said. But even with Ashley's help Sprinkles can't help but check in on her babies from time to time.



And Coco has decided to open her eyes, seeing the world for the first time! Fritter, however, is taking his time opening his eyes but is still just as adorable.



And of course, every mother needs some rest so Ashley graciously takes over cuddling duties. 

"They are tiny adorable jelly beans who wanted snuggles."



But who gives the busy mama love? Ashely of course! As the kittens grow Sprinkles lets them explore the world a little more, and uses the opportunities to take a rest from responsibilities for some snuggles.

She gets her own love and attention while keeping one eye on her adventuring babies.

"Coco and Fritter are strong and healthy. I can't wait to watch them grow up and flourish in Maple's memory. They are just adorable."



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