This Stray Kitten Strolled Up And Made Demands, And He Won

Few things in life are as irresistible as a little kitten wanting your affection and attention.

As a testimony of truth, one Reddit user known as hrtofdixie relayed the story of how a stray kitten found his way into her home and heart and he did so by refusing to take no for an answer. 

Now known well as Binx, the kitten just waltzed up and meowed loudly until he was granted entry!

1. The actual moment Binx walked up...

Things were never the same.

2. Brave little boy

Sometimes you just gotta meow until you're home.

Hearing how this little cat was taken in might bring a tear to your eye:

3. Vet Visits

A clean bill of health from the Vet meant a new life for Binx.

4. Curious Cat

Now this is a face you can't say no to.

How did Binx do in his new home? Well, let's take a good look...

5. Here is Binx...

...cuddling his new mama.

6. Nickel

"Binx took to Nickel (the gray tabby) right away and after a few days, Nickel let his guard down.”

On Nickel and Binx:

7. Apparently...

Binx even tried to nurse from mama Nickel because he didn't realize... that wasn't his mama.

8. Family

"It warmed my heart how Binx was accepted as family."

9. Growth

"He has gotten fluffy and healthy over these last 6 months. I can’t wait to see how he’ll look when he’s grown!”

10. Purr-sonality

“He’s such a sweetheart and he soothed my heart after losing Nickel.”

11. Kitty Lottery? Jackpot.

“It’s funny how life works sometimes. I definitely hit the kitty lottery.”

I guess in the end Binx is proof that some things in life are meant to be, kittens included. 

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