Cats That Have Secret Lives We Never Knew About Until We Came Home and Caught Them Red-Pawed

I'm sure a lot of us wonder what kinds of things our pets get into while we're out of the house, right?

Perhaps they're eating the food we left out, playing with their toys, or having a nice old snooze in the sun, but surely that isn't all. In fact, if you had a built in camera for your home I'm sure it would highlight some behavior you definitely weren't aware of!

Cats, especially, are known for being more independent than we expect, and below are 18 pet cats who were not expecting their owners to be home quite as early as they were...

Look away Human, this has nothing to do with you

You weren't here to serve my 7th lunch

It's called fashion, Brenda, and cats love it too

Good your home, this net attacked me!

Quick! Pretend you're alseep!

Uh... Hello human

Act. Natural. Or else.

Is this cat watching BirdBox?

Could you knock!?

I'm teaching CPR, it's a private class.

Oh. It's you. I thought you'd gone for good this time.

Hehe... What other cat?


*Access Denied*

Don't come upstairs yet... I.. uh... Need a second.

Are you judging my hygiene practice?

I wasn't going through your bags, I swear

Good you're back. We need to talk.

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