These Topiary Cats Are Absolutely Incredible And We'll Take 10 Of Them

What do you get when you mix cats with art? Other than a viral internet sensation, you get a lot of jealously from people who do not have giant bushes in the shape of their beloved pets.

Richard Saunders, a surrealist artist, took a photograph of a lovely garden scene. Upon examining the photo later, he realised that a bush resembled his Russian Blue cat, Tolly. Saunders decided to photograph his cat in a sleeping position and superimpose it over the original scene. He posted the work online and, to his absolute surprise, it went viral. Given the positive response, Saunders decided to continue creating giant topiary cat images.

This is the first one he did; based off a photo of Hall Barn, Beaconsfield.

Someone reposted the photo without Richard's watermark, claiming it to be a real image and it went viral!

Here is the topiary cat drinking from a late in Painshill Park in Surrey.

The topiary cat meets a friend at the postern gate at Hertford Castle.

Here, the topiary cat rests on a beach in Cudmore Grove, Essex.

This is the topiary cat visiting his master's garden in Hertfordshire, England.

If the topiary cat were real, this is how Saunders would imagine his home!

Here is Richard Saunders hard at work being visited by his lovely topiary friend.

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Richard's other surrealist work can be found here.

Check out a video of the topiary cat's journey below!

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