Office Workers Were Caught By Surprise By This Shifty Spy Cat That Was Watching Them From The Ceiling

Cats are notorious for their sneaking abilities. In one office in Japan, they had firsthand experience with one very, very sneaky cat.

One of the office workers accidentally noticed a small face that was watching him through an opening in the ceiling that was meant for a surveillance cam.

He didn’t waste any time, and he took a picture of this cat and sent it to his coworker, who immediately posted it online, joking that it was their new security camera.

This funny picture became viral in minutes, and everyone likes this new model of CCTV cameras. If you take a look at it, you will understand why.

We don’t really know what the cat was doing there. Maybe the employer decided that the people will feel more comfortable if a cat was staring at them, and not a camera. Although highly unlikely, this might even be a good business idea.

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