Hilarious Photos Of Cats Doing What Cats Do Best: Not Giving A Crap About Human Rules

There is absolutely not a single creature on earth as fascinating, bizarre, and unique as cats. They are intelligent, mysterious, and hilarious. They are also, occasionally, at least a little stupid, too curious for their own good, and terrifyingly capable of defying physics and logic.

Truthfully, those of us who can't get enough of cats know that as diverse as cats are, they also have a lot in common with each other. So, when we see them acting in a manner that makes us scratch our heads with puzzled looks on our faces, it's only rationally that we want to snap a photo and share the hilarity with the Internet.

The purr-fect place to nap.

By purr-fect, we mean everything but.

“Is that a bird? Is that a bat? Oh no wait, it’s only my cat.”

I'm not even mad, actually, I'm impressed.

“Are you taking a shower, Robert? That’s cool. I guess I’ll just sit here and make you feel awkward.”

Maximum awkward-ness achieved.

"My son and my cat have a weird relationship."

Weird? Did you mean, "awesome?"

Who needs two empty beds to choose from when you could have a cuddle party?

In all fairness, it's cozier to cuddle.

"Person to cats: Why can't you act normal?"


Well, here's something you don't see everyday.

"Nobody tells me I can't walk on the ceiling. Nobody." - This cat, probably.

"My friend built a house for his cat."

Lovely, really lovely.

"I thought I bought a new game for our Thomas, but I think he's playing it wrong."

He's doing his best.

"Her annual Christmas ritual."

If this is routine, it should be easier to prevent. Just saying.

"Here’s what happens when you buy your cat a scratching post. The cat is on the post, now you scratch!"

I can't even be mad about this cat-logic, it's brilliant.

The line between levitation and extreme balance has been blurred.

An accomplishment worthy of a cat, really.

“He’s got a full bowl of water inside.”

Dis water taste like birb.

There is no shame in taking pride in your appearance.

If I was this cute, I'd look in the mirror, too.

"This is how my cat sleeps."


That's not kosher.

"I thought you wanted a little fur with your pizza." - This cat, probably.

Angelic as heck.

A premonition.

There is no better place to nap than in your human's pants while they take a dump.

This takes "if I fits, I sits," to whole new levels of awkward.

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