The Newly Discovered Grumpy Cat Looks Furious And The Internet Is Loving It

The internet has always adored cats, and perhaps the most adored one was the one and only grumpy cat. This iconic furry friend provided laughs and happiness to many before she unfortunately passed last year; luckily, a new cat has come along to continue the line of furious felines.

Meow Meow is a cat from Taiwan, who, despite her fixed angry expression, is a very sweet cat. While no one can replace grumpy cat, Meow Meow has amused and reminded people of her predecessor.

Some have observed that she looks even grumpier, which is a massive achievement that I didn't know could be fulfilled.

Okay, but she's adorable.

She looks repulsed to be in the presence of a human and I'm here for it.

I wonder what she's looking at?

This photo screams 'Put me down right now'.

That eyebrow raise though.

They weren't kidding when they said she looked grumpier than grumpy cat.

Her eyes are gorgeous,

I just noticed her owner's tattoo; it's brilliant.

Everything about this photo is adorable 🥺

That's a fluffy kitty right there.

Meow Meow has a question.

I can feel that glare through the screen.

That's the autumn spirit!

Here she is with her stuffed animal friends.

And now, for a selection of comments:

Much respect to both!

She does look very doll-like 🤔

Oh, I totally agree.

The cutest bandit ever.


Why don't they have a grumpy cat-base pokemon yet?

Again, I couldn't agree more.

The one indeed.

Princess Grumpy is a perfect nickname.

Pissed off cat doesn't flow as well, imo.

The grumpiest!

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