The Reality Of What It's Like Being Slave To A Cat In 10+ Adorable Illustrations

Cats are amazing in all kinds of ways, they are silly and quirky but also dominant, sleek, independent, yet can still be demanding when they're not getting their own way. Add yet as strange and annoying as our feline friends can be we still love them, live with them, and bow to all of their whims and wishes as good faithful servants do... Wait... What?

In reality that's just what it is, we like to think that we own cats but most of the time they're the ones that own us. Illustrator Lingvistov has created a series of adorable and funny stories about everyday life when you have cats around, and cat owners are loving it!

1. Cats can't actually see ghosts... right?

2. Why look at other cats when you have ME

3. I would eat dirt if it meant my cat got to eat premium!

4. Am I in the way??

5. It says "Love me and no one else reading is dumb"

6. 10/10 would follow

7. Brand new clothes? Let me take a nap real quick

8. SAME!

9. You can only love me when I WANT you to love me!

10. Urgh.

11. Hello from the other side

12. I always imagined more cats to be honest...

13. If you forced me into this bib you may as well feed me!

14. It's warm? From your butt?

15. 3 am party starts in 3...2...1...


17. Does anyone have a lint roller?

18. Floor. Thanks.

19. Waiting for your dreams to come true...

20. Oh you're 'at work'? I'll just have to feed myself!

21. I don't need help...

22. Are you awake? NOW YOU ARE

23. I'm included in this holiday, right?

24. Prepare to pounce!

25. Yes, I am a real model. No, you may not touch me.

26. Thief in training

27. When you cat finally gives in for some snuggles

28. When you're just as bougie as your cat

29. And we all know we love the royals!

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