These Cardboard Houses are a Cat's Dream Come True

Cacao Furniture is making dreams come true, one cat at a time. If you've ever been lucky enough to own a cat then you know from firsthand experience how much cats love cardboard boxes. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on string toys, toy mice, or cat towers and scratching posts. Your cat will not flinch at the very sight of these entertainment devices if a cardboard box is nearby. Large or small, it seems like cardboard boxes are the desire of cats everywhere.

Cacao Furniture found a brilliant and eco-friendly way to capitalize on this cat centered obsession and took cardboard boxes to a whole new level.

Here is a cute cat enjoying a box in case you didn't believe me.

Cacao Furniture proudly boasts that their creative products "instantly attract cats," with the added benefit of not being a total eyesore in your living room. They also state, "the elements of the furniture are designed with attention to the details, precisely laser cut and gently handled by hand." 

These intricately designed boxes are so much more than they sound. As I researched them I was amazed at how much effort goes into the details from the design to the safety concerns, these boxes are seriously so cool!

The Belgium based company says that their boxes are made from thick corrugated cardboard so if your cat loves to chew, bite, and scratch her boxes then you're in luck. These purrfect boxes were made with the cat in mind. They're also made with absolutely zero glue, presenting no danger to your chew happy kitty. 

Holy moly these things are cool!

On top of being sturdy and safe boxes, they are fully collapsible. This would come in handy for traveling, moving, or simply whenever you need the box out of the way. They are clearly user friendly.

Some of their most popular designs include this car. So your cat can vroom vroom in the living room.
Their etsy store states they take custom orders and they often have their popular models in stock.
So if you are ready to spoil your cat the right way, then I think it is safe to say you know the route to take.
This man turns his house into an indoor cat playland and it's amazing!

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