Cats With Big Attitudes But Their Sass Makes Them Hilarious

There are reasons that cats have reputations for being jerks or a**holes, and those reasons are rooted in their naughty, feisty behavior. As cat caretakers (do any of us ever truly own a cat?) we know that the seemingly rude and uncouth behavior from cats is an essential and amusing part of the package.

We love our cats because they're sassy, it's called personality (or purrsonality.)

Cat haters (ew) may think that all there is to cats is their naughty side, but the true cat lovers know that the naughty, frisky side is one of the best parts of the cat. Here are some buttholes lately from r/catsareassholes. Enjoy!

1. A better view as far as she is concerned.

2. Pretty Paws

3. Gooooooooood Morning!

4. This frisky fella is sending a message:

"Take me to the vet."

5. Sleep fighting, when awake fighting isn't enough.

6. She redecorated for you.

7. Cats get creative when necessary.

8. "I am clearly more important."

9. The little fiend!

10. Cozy as heck.

11. He deserves all the bacon.

12. The lamp is better this way.

13. What an adventure!


15. Can't be a cat dad without a cat.

16. Face Bed FTW

17. "Every time I go into the kitchen, it's a guessing game of which one's the asshole."

18. Be our guest.

19. Yes, yes you are cute.

20. A good time was had.

21. On top of the front door, there sits a sweet cat. But then she gets stuck there, so I guess that's that.

22. Lil angel baby

What's the naughtiest thing your cat has done this week?

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