Meet Amsterdam, The Thicc Sphynx Cat Who Enjoys Flaunting His Big Belly

Maybe not everyone but most people gain weight during the holidays... Maybe it's because of the season... or maybe because of the food... yeah, probably because of food. And when we gain weight, insecurity strikes in.

Some people aren't really a fan of getting big fat belly - these people run extra mile determined to melt those fats away.

Having a belly fat isn't something to be ashamed of... well, not for this thicc sphynx cat named Amsterdam. Amsterdam enjoys his extra weight -- teaching everyone that Buddha-belly isn't something to hide (literally).

Guys, dad bod is the new trend, so let's not kill ourselves just to get that abs that girls see in commercials.

But hey, this post isn't about us... it's about this cute thicc cat. He's so adorable, you'd love him!

This is Amsterdam sitting upright... sort of like contemplating about life.

And admit it, you do this almost all the time. Thinking about your life. Yes, we can all relate to Amsterdam.

With him is his fellow Sphynx cat named Neytiri, which you can see laying down looking up at Amsterdam's 7.5kg hubby.

Amsterdam feeling cozy in his sleeveless hoody

Owner Jana Martinka said:

β€˜I thought it was very funny but also very special for me to see them like this.'
β€˜I thought it was very funny but also very special for me to see them like this. β€˜The reason why he was sitting like this is because there is an infrared heater on the wall and the cats love to sleep there.’

You can help your kitty lose weight

While Amsterdam is looking pretty confident, some are concerned about his weight. Yes, it's cute, but health-wise, a cat must be in good shape. And by that I mean, the cat must have an even muscle mass, well-proportioned body, and has minimal abdominal fat.

Is your cat healthy?

Check this infographic showing what's the ideal cat weight.

You can help your cat lose weight by changing how much you feed them and the way you do so. One of the best ways to get started is by introducing puzzle balls.

Investing in new toys to encourage your cat to move is also an effective way to help them lose weight. You may also get them a workout buddy that can help them run around.

Enjoy this clip that Jana took when she caught her feline sitting like a human.

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