12 Slightly Odd Things Most Cat Owners Do Which You Probably Can Relate With

"The greatest trick devil ever pulled was convincing people that he doesn’t exist." This quote from my favorite movie describes my favorite pet so well. They have somehow convinced us that all the things we do for them are completely normal.

And they seem a little bit weird to people that don’t own a cat. Cat owners (if that’s not an oxymoron, I don’t know what is) try very hard to make our cats like us, so we tend to exaggerate sometimes…

Take a look at these comics that perfectly describe what we are going through day by day, and simply can’t get enough of it. We love our cats.

1. Attempting to hold hands with your kitty even though they never seem to like it.

You just can’t resist, but they can.

2. Repeatedly stepping on cat litter whilst going to the toilet in the middle of the night.

And believing that your cat is putting a real effort into making your house into a big litter tray.

3. Not going to the toilet for an unpleasantly long time since you couldn’t possibly disrupt your cat.

Look at her, resting so peacefully.

4. Sharing your meal with your kitty, and occasionally having to actually defend your food from her.

And fearing that you won’t find anything on the table if you suddenly have to go to the toilet, or answer the doorbell.

5. Speaking in a creepy, high-pitched voice you use just for your cat.

6. Never calling your kitty by the name you gave her.

“Just a series of elaborate and adorable nicknames.”

7. Taking your kitty up to the mirror and attempting to get them to recognize themselves.

Yeah, that doesn’t work.

8. Putting up with being viciously knocked around on a regular basis.

And trying to convince yourself that this is a sign of true love, or that they absolutely did it by mistake.

9. Never get a good night sleep because you can’t choose a position that suits you, because you don’t want to disrupt your cat’s sleep.

And they sleep for 18 hours a day.

10. Being slightly entertained when you and your kitty go to the toilet exactly at the same time.

11. Wasting hours of your life holding the door open while trying to reason with your kitty to finally make a decision.

12. Loving this very irritating, incredibly destructive, snobbish ball of fluff more than most people.

Yeah, so true.

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