These 5 Things Will Make Your Cat Feel Extremely Unloved So Make Sure You Don't Do To Them

The day you choose to bring home a kitten, that's the day that you make a vow to the cat, to yourself and to your family. The vow is that you will take care of this kitten by feeding, cleaning, playing and loving them until they are no longer alive. 

This is what most people don't understand when they get a new cat or even a new pet. They think it's cute so they buy it and will care for it as longs as it's cute and fluffy, but as soon as that little kitten grows older and doesn't become so cute anymore they disregard and neglect it.

It's wrong people and maybe you are one of those people who do it without knowing it, but after today there are no more excuses because here you will learn the five things you should not do!

Because these five things will make your kitty feel very unloved and we don't want that! 

Not cleaning their litter box when you should

Here's a question for you. Will you go a day or even a week without flushing your toilet? Will you like that smell? Probably not and cats don't either that is why they will use a much cleaner space, like your carpet when their box is full. So, don't blame them, blame yourself! And if you clean the litter box every day it doesn't become so messy and so much to clean at once.

Hurting, teasing or shouting at your cat

This should go without saying. If you hurt your cat or try to learn them a lesson by putting their face in their own pee, well then you should never own any kind of pet. Yes, I'm a bit frank now, but cats don't like it! They don't like getting shout at having their tails pulled. It makes them feel unsafe and insecure which is the complete opposite as to how they should feel in their own home.

Not giving them enough mental stimulation

Never playing with your cat and never letting them sit by the window and watch the birds and people go by is not good for them. They need to be entertained at least for a few hours a day because they most likely sleep the other hours. But the point here is even though you may be busy and can't play with them, you can still open the curtains leave the radio or tv on for them and even hang up some of their toys so they can play with it.

Ignoring your cat's pain

The thing with cats is that they don't show when they are in pain or discomfort. But if you look close enough you will see small changes like them not using the litter box, scratching their ears and not eating. These are big signs that something is wrong and you should immediately take them to the vet for a checkup. If you don't, well, that just shows that you don't care how they feel.

Neglecting you cat

Even though you might clean out their litter box daily and give them food and every night and day, are you still neglecting them? Do you wait until there is no more water left in their bowl to give them more? Do you wait until their fur is matted until you clean them? Do you even play with your cat anymore? All these things add up and can be a serious thing for your cat because they think you don't love them and don't care about them. Don't be that person! Yes, we all are busy, but that is no excuse to not spend time or take care of your cat.

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