Once Again, The Internet Proves It's Worthiness With More Hilarious Cats

A long time ago, the Internet was a much smaller space and not everyone had continuous access to it. But here we are, navigating our way through the new millennia and the Internet is a 24/7 hot spot of information, humor, and controversy. Every day, the billions of people on earth who have access to the Internet are sharing. Many are over-sharing, but that's besides the point.

What is important is that a huge portion of Internet users today are turning to some of the most popular social media websites available to share new photos, stories, and videos of cats... every single day. This... pleases us. We celebrate the continuous flow of cats by sharing the best of what has been offered lately with all of you.

Art? Life? The lines are blurred.

One only needs to ask which came first.

He ought to strut his stuff on the catwalk.

Because he is FABULOUS.

Leaving marks in our hearts. And thighs.

This is the kind of cat-life I dream of.

This is purr-fectly precious.

The sweetest thing you'll see this week, guaranteed.

Dearest kitty:

I'd follow you anywhere.

Don't ever say millennials don't spend their money wisely.

Obviously, we make the smartest and most epic of purchases.

Get you a cat that serenades you.

Very talented. 10/10.

Purr-fectly SMOL

My heart flutters for this small kitten.

Some cats grow up.

Other cats GLOW up.

This special kitty has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

But that doesn't stop him from putting on a "feel bad for me" guilty face when tiny humans come spend the night. But don't worry, there are photos of Toby smiling on Instagram, too. Check him out!

Softest of the Soft.

PURR-fect PURR-itto.

Not all meows are created equal.

These meows are AMAZING.

It takes a foolish mortal human to assume they can contain a cat.

Those of us who are marginally less foolish will laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Pro-Tip for taking pictures of 9 kittens at once?

DUH, take a video instead. It's even better than my wildest dreams.

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